About Us

The Nature Indoors professionals will utilize our in depth knowledge of all indoor plants to plan your custom interiorscape with regard to light, water, fertilizer, potting, and temperature requirements. Our plant experts will show you how we can transform your office or home with lush plants in stunning containers.

We also know you have choices when it comes to professional plant care, so we want you to know that the Nature Indoors team is dedicated to superior service too.

We pride ourselves on our attentiveness to our clients’ needs. Nature Indoors also specializes in holistic plant care free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. We will identify plant pests and provide safe, effective treatments.

Nature Indoors is a woman owned business founded in 1996 by Lestra Ann, a professional plant expert with nearly 20 years of professional indoor landscaping experience caring for plants in homes, offices, building lobbies, stores, restaurants, and other diverse environments.

Our commitment is to service you and your plants in a way that is eco-friendly and that inspires wellness and satisfaction in your home and/or workplace. We believe thriving plants radiate a look of prosperity for a business, as well as provide a healthy work environment that includes improved air quality, higher attendance, greater productivity and a more natural environment for you, your employees, customers and guests.

Contact us today to find out how our team of interior landscaping professionals can create the perfect balance between Nature and your Indoors!
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